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New England White Dressers

Many of our customers, when they arrive at our showroom say, "oh my goodness, at last real white handmade furniture".   They are always wowed by the amount of white dressers and white furniture that we have on display and hold in stock.  We have a fantastic selection of fourteen different styles of dressers to choose from to create your New England interior, and, our furniture really is brilliant white! 

What amazes me about my own home, is the use of our white furniture makes the rooms of my house seem so much larger as white creates light, space and tranquillity.

When people visit my home they say that it's like walking into an eternal holiday home.  Even after 30 years of creating white and New England style interiors, I am still wowed every evening when I walk through my front door.  It is the most amazing and uplifting feeling to walk into such an amazing space.

Once you have experienced our showroom, or a real New England home, you will immediately want to recreate this amazing look in your own home.  It's timeless and classic and liberates you from following fashion trends; don't hesitate, we are here to help you and can't wait to get started.  Best regards, Nick.



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